Trina Krug’s course and group about Pinterest for business has been transformational for me. I now have many more visitors to my website. She taught me how to make my Pinterest branded and focused on the topics I cover and my niche. I’m thrilled to have gone up from a little less than 2k visitors a month to 16k in only 2 weeks. Every day the numbers rise. KSC - Virginia

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to work with me!  Right?  RIGHT?  OK, so let’s get to it! I don’t have 2 million different options for you!

I have 3 options to work with me.  Simple and to the point!

VIP On on One Coaching

Are you a health coach, Entrepreneur or online business owner who wants one on one coaching to grow your business and massively increase your Pinterest  & Website visibility?  In depth personal coaching included PLUS FREE access to Pin It Master Pro Content.

Pin It Master Pro

Strategically put your content, services, and products in front of your ideal customer.  Implement the exact strategies that increased my visibility by over 2 million a month!  Grow and Monetize! Stop wasting time and money doing the same thing expecting different results.  This course is your CHANGE!

Account Optimization

It’s OK…  Your account needs a face lift!  It needs a life.  It needs to be optimized to reach your customers.  I will take your account from zero to hero in one month.  You will have a fully optimized and customized plan for your Pinterest for Business account as well a plan for future growth.