What if you could pick the modules in a Pinterest course?

Have you ever wanted to learn a topic and went off to investigate courses only to find out that they are more than what you need?  Well, what if you could pick and CHOOSE which modules from a course that you wanted to purchase?  You CAN NOW!

I am now offering any single module from my Pinterest for Business course for $30.  They are all different in terms of length, but they include anywhere from 4-8 videos and handouts each!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this long ago!

Pinterest has played a key role in growing my online businesses, email lists and Facebook groups (and soon to populate the communities RIGHT ON PINTEREST)!

Are you BRAND NEW to Pinterest and have no idea where to start?  I’d suggest my Pinterest for Business course.

OR…. maybe you are BRAND NEW to Pinterest and are not ready to learn all the advanced topics yet, but still want to know about group boards, Tailwind and affiliate marketing, for example?  Well – PERFECT!

OR…  if you’ve been on Pinterest for any length of time, know your way around, understand important concepts and want to pick and choose some of the more advanced topics?  Well, this is for you then too!

What can I choose from?

Let’s go through the modules in detail!  If you already know what you want by looking at the image above – then feel free to skip on down and pick the one (or more) that you want!

Module 1: 5 videos, 4 handouts

Module 1 goes into detail about Pinterest Fundamentals, Niche, Keywords, Board Creation and Optimization, and Pin Creation and Optimization.

These topics are the basis for what will begin to grow your Pinterest visibility.  Without these, you will not go anywhere.

After implementing what is in this module, my Pinterest account surged from nothing to over 600K monthly visitors.  At this time I wasn’t paying attention to my blog hits as I was focused on the Pinterest account.


Module 2: 5 videos, 1 handout

Module 2 dives into branding your Pinterest, website, and self.  We also talk about the anatomy of a viral pin (yes there IS such a thing) to maximize your pin’s chances of going viral and thereby gaining you a TON of visibility.  We then dive into how to use multiple images for each blog post to get the most mileage out of EVERY post.  Lastly, we strategize on how to repurpose content and plan out your content for a month at a time in just minutes!  Gold right here!

After mastering these topics is when my account really started to take off!


Module 3: 4 videos

Module 3 is what EXPLODED my Pinterest account into the millions and my blog hits reached around 50K per month.

We talk about group boards, Tailwind, Tribes, and strategies to keep you on Pinterest’s good side.  Meaning, you can easily get yourself suspended accidentally for abusing group boards and pinning in certain ways can red flag your account.  We go over the RIGHT strategies to avoid any red flags.


Module 4: 4 videos, 2 handouts

Module 4 goes into detail about how to build your list, freebies & opt-ins, what funnels are and how to create them, and a HUGE passive income potential: affiliate marketing.  Pinterest does a fantastic job at driving traffic to your website, blog or social media.  But if you are not capturing those people then you are no better off.  This module focuses on the back end to make sure you maximize your efforts.


Module 5: 5 videos, 1 handout

Module 5 dives into Pinterest Ads and custom audiences if you choose to use them.  I did not need ads to grow my audience, but they are nice if you choose to use them.  We also talk more about winning pinning strategies and the most important topic of all: Mindset and Belief Systems.


Module 6/BONUSES Module

Module 6 is the BONUS module for the course.  It covers the following topics: SEO, Browser Extensions, Advanced Marketing Institute, Pinning without a Website, Canva and Rich Pins


Give me my module!

Ok, ok!  Do you know which one you want?

Want the ENTIRE course and save $53????