What are Pinterest Communities?

Maybe you’ve started to hear the buzz about Communities.  Not much is being shared so most people are left with asking “What are Pinterest Communities”?  Well, I’m going to spend some time and talk about what we DO know.

While Pinterest is not your typical social media platform (THANK YOU PINTEREST), this new feature is going to rocket them even further than where they are now!

Pinterest is a search engine, as you most likely know.  You pin pins with links to your website or social media where you sell, nurture, and communicate. 

Until now, you could only interact with others via messaging and commenting on pins.  There was really no way to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals.  A group, if you will.  Until now.  Sure, there were group boards, but that was still not interaction based.

I like to think of Pinterest Communities like the Pinterest version of a Facebook Group (from a basic standpoint).  It is a place where people join, can post pictures and pins, and communicate with each other.  A real community!

Pinterest is now a social media platform THAT IS ALSO A SEARCH ENGINE!  Wrap your brain around that for a moment and feel the power available for your business.


How to enable the communities feature

As of October 2018, you still need to be invited first and then join and the feature is enabled.  Don’t you worry – I have a few options for you to join different communities a bit later in this article.

So, simply join a community and you get the feature!  You can then create your own as well.

Bear in mind that the community names have to be unique, so grab yours today!

Communities and your Business

I wish I could tell you a bunch of details about this feature, but Pinterest is rather close-lipped when it comes to certain things and they aren’t really providing much yet.

From a simplistic view – it is a place for a group of people to come together over a certain topic/niche, post things directly, communicate, etc…

What does this mean for your business?  Previously, if you wanted to capture a lifeline to your potential customer, you had a few options: get their email address, get them to join your Facebook group, etc…

This gives you the ability to create a permanent connection to your potential and existing customers ON THE PINTEREST PLATFORM.  You don’t need to go off the platform if you don’t want anymore.

You can market and nurture your peeps right on Pinterest outside of simply posting pins.

As far as additional features that will help business owners, it is a big unknown.  But the fact that we can stay on the platform is a huge deal!

Lastly, you know when you have a pin that you know is going to be AMAZING?  Well, instead of pinning it and hoping you did all the things right to get it out there, you now have the ability to post that pin right in the community!  A direct pin to your potential and existing customers!  Just think about that for a moment!


Communities to join

Note: it works best on mobile as joining sometimes doesn’t work on a desktop.

Pinterest for Online Business

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What’s next?

Join a community, engage, create your own, invite your peeps, and start playing around!

If you are new to Pinterest and want to go from zero to here in a short time – check out my Pinterest for Business course today!