Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics can be both frustrating and very helpful!  Frustrating because Pinterest updates them when they feel like it.  Sometimes daily, sometimes once a week.  Regardless, they DO get updated!  So, let’s dive head first into understanding Pinterest analytics.

Pinterest Analytics


Here is the basic analytics screen.  It is sectioned into 3 parts that we’ll talk about in details.

One thing to note before going any further.  Be careful not to make any judgements on the health of your account based on this screen alone.  If I did, then it would appear as though things are on the downturn for me, right?  Wrong.  Read on!  Below we will dive into each section listed above starting with Your Pinterest Profile.

Your Pinterest Profile

This is information about your Pinterest profile itself.  It includes Average Daily Impressions and Average Daily Viewers.

Your Pinterest Profile

Above is a 30-day view of My Pinterest Profile.  Notice the overall upward trend even though it looked like a downward trend on the prior image.  Pinterest requires long game strategy and you should never look at shorter than a 30 day period to see a trend.

So what do these 2 things mean?

Average Daily Impressions is basically how many times your pins showed up in some fashion (search, home feed, etc…)

Average Daily Viewers are the number of viewers that came across one of your pins in some fashion.

People You Reach

This next section of analytics is all about the people you reach.

People you reach

This is a great one to look at!

Average Monthly Viewers – this one is the average number of people who came across your pins in some fashion over a month’s time.

Average Monthly Engaged – this is the average number of people who not only came across your pins, but also engaged in some fashion.  This can mean they clicked your pin, saved your pin, commented, etc…

Pay close attention to both of these.

Activity from <your domain>

This is a very interesting one as well!

Activity from domain

This one is similar to the first one, but it is more important in my opinion!  In the first category, the impressions were of your overall Pinterest profile which includes your pins as well as other people’s pins that you have pinned.  THESE statistics are impressions that are from pins from your domain (ie your claimed website).

You will only get these if you claim your website.  That can be done through the settings option.

Which ones to pay attention to and ignore

Personally, I pay attention to them all.  But mostly, I pay attention to my Average Monthly Viewers and then I compare the overall impressions with the impressions from my domain.

With Pinterest, it isn’t about a popularity contest.  Your Average Monthly Viewers could be AMAZING, but if people aren’t clicking through to your website or blog then none of it matters other than being a cool vanity metric.  BUT, I imagine you have a goal for being on Pinterest and it probably revolves around sales in some fashion, either of products or services.

At the same time, take the metrics with a grain of salt.  Pinterest can have wild and radical swings in analytics.  Viral pins coming and going really mess things up when you are only looking at the home screen that only shows a few days.  If you are really interested in gaining insight, always click through and look at the prior 30 days.   It is best to ignore the the screen with the last few days when trying to gain real insight.



Understanding Pinterest Analytics