Pinterest Group Boards are not dead

If I hear one more person say that Pinterest group boards are dead, I think I might scream.  In fact, I’ll scream now, but let me scream that Pinterest Group Boards are NOT dead!

If you don’t know what group boards are, let me explain.  In Pinterest, you have boards that you created, you are the owner of, and you are the one to pin to them.  You can choose to keep them that way or you can allow other people to also contribute to your board.  If you choose to do this, you now are the owner of a GROUP board.  You can also choose to contribute to other pinner’s group boards.

Group boards have been a large part of many people’s pinning strategy for growing their account visibility.  Suddenly, in the last few weeks, I’ve seen SO many blogs about how Pinterest group boards are dead and the end is near and doom, doom, doom.

I’m going to lay it out there.  Pinterest has said that it is going to focus less on group boards.  At face value, people panic.  But let me reassure you that there is no need to panic, especially if you follow what I teach in my Pin it Master Pro Course.

You have nothing to worry about UNLESS:

1. Your ENTIRE Pinterest Strategy revolves around Group Boards

2. You are a part of spammy group boards

3. You ONLY use group boards

Let’s dive a little deeper

You see, Pinterest didn’t design the concept of group boards to be what many of them are now.  There are boards with THOUSANDS of contributors and they are all over the place.  The board is incoherent, there is no moderation from the owner, and topics all over the map.  The concept of groups boards was meant to be for like-minded folks who pin high quality, similar content.

Things changed for groups boards a little when the Smart Feed happened.  Back in the day (just as with old school versions of traditional social media) Pinterest didn’t have a Smart Feed and you would see things quite differently.  There was much more potential to see the pins in a group board that someone you followed participated in.

But the Smart Feed gave Pinterest a much needed upgrade.  You might be saying, WHAT?  But it hurt group boards.

I’m going to argue with that just slightly.

The spammy group boards that are simply a dumping ground for careless pinners were hurt.  And those that pin to those were hurt.  I totally get it.  The board sucked, nobody was repinning, and it was such a mismatch of crap that it was interesting to nobody.  Kudos to Pinterest to pushing that board, the pins, and (gasp) even the pinners to the side.

Now, let’s look at a group board like mine.  I have 26 contributors, the board has around 1000 pins, and I check in on it DAILY and remove crappy pins and the people that post them.  I remove the ones that don’t follow my rules, are sales pins, or are just a square photo with nothing else on it.  My board does well.  The pins do well.  And the people who participate BENEFIT.

If you have no brand strategy, no boards of your own, and you only pin to group boards – that is not a good strategy.  That is like asking a group of people to your house for dinner, but when they ask for your address you can’t give them one because you couch surf between your 10 best friends.  You don’t have a home base.  If nobody has told you this already, let me do it : CREATE THAT BEAUTIFUL HOME and instead of couch surfing, just do visits!  Ok, did I take that analogy too far?  Sorry!

It has been several months since the “Group Boards are Dead and You Better RUN” craziness has been going on.  My account is holding strong and I’ve seen ZERO impact and NO changes.    In the last 4 weeks though is when I have seen the MOST discussions about how group boards will hurt you and tank your account, blah, blah, blah.  Here is my account from 8/1-9/6.  I see so hit, no decline, no apocalypse.


Several reasons:
1. I have a strong group boards pinning strategy that makes up only part of my overall strategy

2. I only contribute to HIGH quality, focused boards

3. I leave boards that I find are crappy

If you follow the above as well, then don’t worry my friend.  If things change more in the future, I’ll be the first to let you know.

Now… the one thing I DID notice was that pingroupie has not updated for about a month, which I’ve heard is common.  A few months ago they were updating all the time.   I have a request in their customer service to find out what they normally do in terms of updating/crawling group boards.  If you are not aware, pingroupie is a great site for finding Pinterest group boards since Pinterest does not offer a tool for that.  I’ll keep you updated.

So, go forth and pin to the high quality group boards and don’t go crazy with how many pins you pin to them.  Boom!

If you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest to grow and monetize your business, check out Pin It Master Pro!