Pinterest for Business Course

The Formula to Rapidly Increase Pinterest/Website Visitors and Turn them into Paying Customers! Explode Your Business Online in Just 90 Days!

I bet you can relate to at least ONE of the following....

Frustrated with social media algorithms. It seems like once we get used to a particular algorithm (Facebook, for example) it changes. If there is one thing we can expect, it is for the algorithm to change. And you know what? This is fine. Social Media platforms are businesses and it is their goal to continue to increase their profits and user experience. Sometimes we, as online business owners, get caught in the crossfire. 

Stuck with outdated and nonscalable techniques. Did you learn techniques such as messaging or calling people every day? This may have worked for your leaders back in the day, but this doesn't work anymore. And even if it did - it is not SCALABLE. There is a finite number of people you can message in a day.

Drowning in a sea of entrepreneurs. I love seeing other online business owners. I support them every chance I get. BUT, it is sometimes overwhelming at the shear number of them on certain social media platforms. They are everywhere and it is hard to stand out 

Feeling lost. Are you feeling like you've tried it all and you just aren't sure what to do next? I've been there too.

I went from 0 to 2 Million Pinterest monthly viewers & from 0 to 50K Website visitors in 90 days.

I've built several online businesses over the last few years. I've been through it all! Successes, failures, happiness, frustration. If there is one thing that was constant, it was this: 

If you want people to see your stuff, you have to pay to play. 

That is, until I found Pinterest. 

I've been where you are. I've wondered why traditional social media "tricks" just aren't working for me.

I spent many hours shaking my head when my Facebook Ads bill arrived. Lots of money with little results.

I decided that I needed blaze my own trail and figure out a NEW strategy. That is exactly what I did. 

And now I'm going to reveal exactly what I did so YOU can do the same. 

In just 90 days:

  • I changed the face of my business from nothing to profitable. 
  • I went from 0 Pinterest Monthly Viewers to over 2 Million.
  • I went from 0 website/blog Visitors to 50K
  • I was getting 10+ emails per day straight to my list
  • I quadrupled my Facebook Group size

You can successfully GROW A PROFITABLE business with a few additional hours a month.... without paying for ads.

I did it and now you can too!

You're in luck! My Pin It Master Pro Course will show you my exact steps that I took to explode my business! 

The Same Decisions Result in the Same Outcome. Make a Different Decision Today.  

Leah says.... "Do you know what’s awesome? When your Pinterest monthly viewers goes from about 100 ish, to as of right now, 14k in the span of less than a month! Thank you Trina Krug! #magician" 

Kelly says... 

"Trina Krug's course and group about Pinterest for business has been transformational for me. I now have many more visitors to my website. She taught me how to make my Pinterest branded and focused on the topics I cover and my niche. I’ve just started and I'm thrilled to have gone up from a little less than 2k visitors a month to 16k in only 2 weeks. Every day the numbers rise” 

With over 30 video lessons - here is what you will learn...

Module ONE  

Growth Level One - Going from 0 to 600K

  • Pinterest Fundamentals 
  • Niche & Keywords
  • Board & Pin creation and optimization  

Module TWO  

Growth Level 2 - The beginning of the explosion 

  • Branding
  • Anatomy of a Viral Pin
  • Multiple Pin images
  • Consistency & Content Repurposing  

Module THREE  

Growth Level 3 - The explosion to 2 Million 

  • Group Boards
  • Tribes & Tailwind
  • Strategies to Avoid Red Flags 

Module FOUR  

List Building & Monetizing 

  • List Building
  • Emails
  • Funnels

Module FIVE

Ads, Strategies & Mindset  

  • Pinterest Ads
  • Custom Audiences
  • Winning Pinning Strategies
  • Mindset Tools and tips!  

BONUS Module

EXTRAS Just Because!  

  • SEO
  • Browser Extensions
  • Advanced Marketing Institute
  • Pinning without a Website
  • Canva
  • Rich Pins 

After this course, you will have:

  • A FULLY Optimized Pinterest for Business Account
  • A strong understanding of and connection to your potential customer
  • Months worth of content in just moments
  • Lead generation strategies and an email list that grows on autopilot
  • A framework that facilitates business growth and monetization
  • Access to tools to maximize your website and Pinterest account
  • A network of other Entrepreneurs just like you


You're in luck! Registration is OPEN!

Questions? I have answers!

Do I need a Pinterest account? You do NOT need a Pinterest account. I will show you how to create a Pinterest for Business account!

What if I don't have a Pinterest account? Not a problem! I will show you how to upgrade to a Business account. If you already have a Business account - GREAT! We will get that baby optimized!

Do I need a Website or Blog? You definitely don't! I think it is helpful to have one, but you do not need one in order to succeed with Pinterest.

Can I do this at my own pace? YES! This course is a "Do It Yourself" course and you can do it entirely at your own pace.

Do I have access to you? You bet! After enrolling in the course, you'll be added to a "Course Only" Facebook group (if you have Facebook) and you can ask any questions you want! If you don't have Facebook, you can use e-mail to ask your questions!

Is there a refund policy? I believe in my course 100% If you can show that you did the work and are unhappy within 60 days of purchase, then you will be issued a refund. That's not going to happen though!