Latest Pinterest Updates – Sept 2018

Every once in a while Pinterest does a big update.  And, ironically, when they do – there is usually a huge group of people who get caught in the crossfires.  I was one of them the last time they did an update.  This means accounts get marks as spam, things get blocked or worse yet – account gets suspended!  Sometimes this is how we figure out Pinterest is doing an update.  Usually, it gets resolved in a day or so, but not always.  I digress…..

Even for those of us whose main jam is Pinterest – it is not easy to get information ahead of time in terms of what Pinterest is doing.  It is like this secret society and they don’t want people knowing what they are doing.  Frustrating at best when I try to stay on top of things to quickly convey the latest happenings to my peeps.  I digress further….

For the rest of this article, the term “we” refers to your average Pinterest expert/specialist/manager or the avid Pinner.

It used to be the case that every new pin had its own stats.  It was difficult to track a pin in terms of how well it was doing.  So we  would have a board that is the “originator” board for our personal, home-grown content pins.  This would be where we repin from in order to keep the chain.

Luckily, things changed and Pinterest got smart.  And now, each new pin with the same image and the same URL is tracked together and each will show the same stats.  I like it!  And honestly – it’s about darn time.  This was one thing that led people to want to repin their own pin so that they could keep their stats straight.

From Pinterest’s perspective, though, they viewed this as skewing the system since you were essentially bumping your own repin count vs someone else doing it.  Think it of like “liking” your own Facebook post.  People do that sometimes to try to jump start it or signal to Facebook that, “hey dummies – this post is good so show it around”!

Pinterest started cracking down on repins of your own pins and so we started spacing them out and blah, blah, blah.  It is a constant topic of conversation in all my Pinterest Manager Facebook Groups.

Where are we now?

Pinterest just went through an update where one of the things they changed was the ability to repin the same pin in a 24 hour period.  This started in the summer when the “save” button no longer showed up on a pin in the board view.  You had to actually click on the pin to get to the save button in some cases.

And NOW, when you click on a pin, you’ll get the save button but when you save it to a board, the save button goes away for around 24 hours.  I don’t think they could get anymore LOUD in their message.

What do they want?  They want you pinning NEW pins instead of repinning existing pins.  Ok, fine…..  Now, “new” doesn’t mean a fresh piece of content, but rather it means a new pin instance.

Enter (again) Tailwind

Tailwind…  We have a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE them for the tribes feature.  They’ve sent millions of views my way.  I hate them for the scheduling feature.  WHAT?  Most Tailwind users are screaming right now at the fact that I said that.  Let me explain….

June of 2018, I did a test.  I used Tailwind for everything – all my pin scheduling.  No manual pinning.  What happened?  My monthly viewers tanked by 700,000.  Right around that time my google analytics disconnected for 2 weeks for some reason and I wasn’t able to gather accurate stats if my blog visitors tanked too.  Because, really, that is all we should care about.  The Pinterest side is just a vanity metric.   

This was an experiment that I did and I got my answer.  Other people swear by Tailwind’s scheduler and how it boosted their account.  Not mine.  I think it is a valuable tool, but not the only tool that should be used.

So, here I am again….  About to do another Tailwind experiment.  I am essentially doing the SAME experiment to see if things are different now.  I am at 2.3M monthly Pinterest visitors and 50K Page Views on my blog as of late September 2018.  We’ll check in again late October.

My plan is to NOT repin any of my content, but rather use Tailwind to schedule them and this acts as a new, fresh pin.  I am also going to see how much time Tailwind saves me (if any).  Twice a week, I’ll schedule all my pins for the next 3-4 days.  I will also show up daily to manually pin relevant content I find on Pinterest.  Not showing up and not pinning anything manually is a big mistake in my opinion.

If you are not a Tailwind user, click HERE to get a month free.  Tailwind rocks, I just need to figure out the sweet spot with all the changes.  But don’t worry – I’ll do the testing and you can simply reap the benefits!

If Pinterest and all it’s changes stress you out and you KNOW there is huge potential but you just don’t know where to begin – check out my Pin It Master Pro course!  You will be a Pinterest Pro, monetizing your biz in no time!