How to Rank in Pinterest

I got a question in my Private Pinterest For Business Facebook group today (request to join HERE) about this and I figured it was a GREAT topic to discuss furthers with a quick mini blog post!  So, let’s talk about how to rank in Pinterest.

I’m sure you’ve heard about ranking in Google with SEO – but did you know there is something similar with regard to ranking in Pinterest?  It is different but similar.

Why do we want to “rank” in Pinterest?

Well, because we want our content shown, right?  RIGHT!  Just think of when you do a Google search.  The highest ranking pages (along with ads of course) show up on the first page of the search which is the most important.  Those are the ones that are clicked on the most.  Pinterest is the same.   The highest ranking pins will be shown first when it comes to feeds and searches.

Pinterest is a driver of traffic and so, of course, we want to maximize the potential of traffic and our potential reach.   Maximize without paying for boosts and ads, that is.

Best tips to rank

There are 2 main categories that we consider when wanting to rank.

1. Visual

Pin Size  – Pinterest recommends a 2:3 ratio for your pin.  A great default size is 735 x 1102.  Do you NEED to have your pins conform to this ratio?  Nope!  I have about 80% of mine conform, but I do get crazy and create some long pins on occasion!

Images and Text – This one is simple!  Visually appealing and branded pins will serve you well.  We are visual creature and are drawn to visually appealing pins.  If you aren’t sure what creates a visually appealing pin, just do some searches on Pinterest.  Generally, the first pages will be pretty nice looking pins.  Not always – but usually!

2. Functional

Keywords – Keywords are the goldmine of Pinterest.  Check out this short video all about Keywords.

Keywords are what will connect you with your customers and them with you.  Keywords are the first step toward relevance.

Relevance – Relevance is what it comes down to.  Are you (i.e. your pins) relevant?  That is what Pinterest will ask itself.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.  Are you consistent?  Are your keywords relevant to your niche?  Are they consistent?  Do people engage with you?  Are they repinning?  Are they commenting?  Are they clicking?  These are all things that will boost your relevance!  Keywords are what will give this speed!  The more relevant you become to your niche, the higher you will rank with respect to a set of keywords.

That’s it!  It is not hard.  The entire ranking thing on Pinterest comes down to your pins being visually appealing with relevance.  Just remember that.   

Serve, don’t sell.

Create and share.