How many Pinterest Pins per day?

When someone joins Pinterest for the first time or really starts wanting to utilize it for business, a common first question is “How many Pinterest Pins per day should I post”?  Great question!  The answer is not a straight-forward, black and white answer though, so let’s dive a little deeper!

You need to take the following into consideration when determining the right about of pins for your account:

1. Amount of existing content

2. How often you will be creating new content

3. Your pinning history

4. Pinterest Best Practices and Guidelines

These are the most important things to consider, so let’s talk about them one by one.

But first, let’s make an assumption.  The assumption is that we want an 80/20 split. This means that 80% of your pins will be other people’s content and 20% will be yours.  We can tweak this a bit after we walk through the considerations, but this is a common starting point.  I started with 80/20 and am now more like 50/50 with my food blogging and 70/30 with my Pinterest for Business account.

Existing Content

Are you a new blogger without much content or are you established with an entire site worth of pinnable stuff?  This is one of the main ingredients in the formula.  Well, there isn’t a formula, but you know what I mean.

Let’s say you are a new blogger with only 3 blog posts and you plan to do 1 post a week.  You might have difficulty starting at 30 posts a day as that would put you at 8 posts a day of your own content.

Pro Tip: Make 5+ pins PER PIECE OF CONTENT!  Different images and different titles.  And BOOM – you now have 5 different pins that will all lead back to your masterpiece.  This will help in the beginning especially.

New Content

How much new content do you plan to create?  One post/blog per week?  One per day?  Twice per month?  Just as with existing content, this will help define some of the limits of the number of pins that you might be able to consistently pin.

What you DON’T want to do is hit the ground running, gain momentum, show up daily, pin 20 pins a day and then suddenly run out of content and then you stop.

Pinning History

Are you new to Pinterest?  Did you have a personal account that you changed to a business account?  If you had an existing account, what was your pinning like?  Daily?  Weekly?

You want to avoid red flags.  Pinterest can be fickle at times.  What you don’t want to do is go from pinning 1 time per week to 200 per day.  Although, I’d never recommended 200 a day.  I’m just making a point!

Ease into it.  A perfect Pinterest account isn’t created in a day.

Pinterest Best Practices

I can’t say that Pinterest is a huge help here, but the following quote can be found in their Best Practices Article:

“Consistent, daily activity is better than adding a ton of Pins at once. Be patient, and stick with it. Adding content consistently over consecutive months is the best way to build a dedicated audience on Pinterest.”

So while they don’t give you an amount per day, we can extrapolate that they do not want you jumping onto the platform, pinning 200 pins and then walking away for a week.  Rather, they would prefer you to split that number up and pin daily.  That is pretty clear.


Here is what I have found works best:

Are you just starting out or have minimal content to choose from?  Pin 5 pins per day.  4 pins from other people and 1 pin from you.  Make multiple pin images per piece of content.

Do you have lots of content or will you be a mass producer? Pin 20-30 per day and slide the scale between 80/20 and 50/50.

I actually never recommend going over 30.  Why would you need to?  It feels forced to me and more likely to get your account flagged.

Always remember that you should NEVER shy away from pinning other people’s content.  You want an account that will fully nurture your peeps and most of us can’t (AND SHOULDN’T) do it all!

Be abundant – and that starts with your mind.

Pinterest Pins Per Day