Are you ready to learn about a plugin that creates a beautiful and unique pop-up that is SURE to build your following on platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and email?  I’m going to talk about how to grow followers organically with MiloTree.

Grow Followers Organically with MiloTree

What is MiloTree?

MiloTree is a plugin/pop-up that converts website visitors into followers.

You have numerous configuration options to choose from:

  1. What platform you want the pop-up to represent (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email).
  2. Remove MiloTree logo if you want
  3. Pop-up position (right middle, left middle, right bottom, left bottom)
  4. Configure to show pop-up every X days
  5. Exclude certain URLs
  6. Only include on certain URLs

I have mine slide in from the middle right every 1 day.

I use Leadpages for my regular page pop-up and it does not work all the time on mobile.    MiloTree, on the other hand, works beautifully on mobile.  I have never seen one that works CONSISTENTLY on mobile.

You can sign up and try MiloTree FREE for 30 days before making a commitment.  After that, it is $9.00 a month.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Let’s talk about ROI.  You’ll JUMP at the chance after that.


MiloTree comes with a simple analytics page where you can see the conversions.  It will give you an idea of how many new followers you have due to a click on the MiloTree pop-up.

I have been using MiloTree for a few months (if that).  This says I have received a total of 807 followers from MiloTree and 49 of them came this week.  It also says that 15% of my followers this past week are from MiloTree.  Lastly, if I’m paying $9/month then that means each follower cost me only .045 cents.  SAY WHAT?  If you know anything about Facebook Ads or even Pinterest Ads, you know that this is an unheard amount per conversion.  It is often more than $1.00 per click/follow/conversion.

Now what?

Sign up for MiloTree today.  Seriously.  See how it can change your followers!