A Review of the Tailwind SmartLoop Feature

A Review of the Tailwind SmartLoop Feature

Tailwind SmartLoop Feature

There has been much anticipation about this new Tailwind Feature – the SmartLoop!  I know that I had been anxiously awaiting my invitation and it arrived last week.

For those that used to use BoardBooster for looping, this feature was truly missed once BoardBooster shut down.  The interesting thing is that compared to SmartLoop, the BoardBooster looping was small potatoes!  But we didn’t know any better.  And now we do!

What is SmartLoop?

According to Tailwind “SmartLoop Makes it Easy to Reshare Your Best Pinterest Pins at the Best Times for Engagement“.  And I concur!  Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Basically what this allows you to do is create a “loop” consisting of the pins you choose and the boards you choose where Tailwind will continually loop (repin) those pins.  You determine the time frame, the number of pins per day, board rules, etc… for each loop.

Configuration Options

Loop Duration/Type

Seasonal – this option is for pins that have a shorter duration such as Thanksgiving meal plans. You can specify the date range for the loop to be active.

Evergreen – this option is for pins that are valid year round and you want to just keep on looping!

Key Options

Boards – You pick the boards you want as part of your loops.  You can change this later and even change it on a pin by pin basic!

Pins – Pick the pins you want in the loop.  You can add pins later.

Board Rules – This is a GREAT feature.  IF you have groups boards that have specific rules as far as how often you can post, then you want to create a rule for that board!


Can I add pins to an existing loop?

You sure can!  You can add pins and change boards of specific pins in your loop.

Can I delete or add boards for a specific pin within a loop?

YES!  This is the best part!  You can create a default group of boards for your loop and then go in after and add/delete boards for specific pins.

For example, let’s say I have a general recipe group board loop.  If I have 5 group boards that are general recipe group boards then I’ll have those as my base.  Now, I might have 1 board that is for desserts only.  So after I create my loop, I’ll go in after and add the desserts board to those recipes that are desserts!

Can I change the timeslot of the Looped pin on any given day?

Nope!  That is something Pinterest decided and you just go with it!

Can I start using it today?

If you’ve applied and received your invite already – then YES!  Simply click on SmartLoop and see what it says!  If it asks you to apply, then do so.  If it lets you in – then go create some loops!

I did a Facebook Live Video to give a little tutorial for my Pinterest for Business Facebook Group (request to join HERE  if you aren’t a member), so excuse the informal nature of the video – but check out a video demo below!

Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack

I am SO excited today!  Do you want to know why?  I have created my Top Pin Template Pack Pinterest package!  I listened to YOU!  I listened to the fact that you hate creating pins.  It takes forever.  You aren’t creative.  It doesn’t give you joy.  Etc…

I get it and I listened.

I, on the other hand, love to create pins.  I didn’t love it when I started.  I, too, used templates and simply changed colors, pictures and words.  It worked well and I hit the ground running with beautiful pins.  After about 6+ months of doing this, I started to test the waters with creating my own pins.  Some worked well and some didn’t.  Some were beautiful and some were hideous.  But then something just clicked and I fell in love with the creation of beautiful pins.

I’ve had people as to hire me to create their pins.  I always said no.  I’m starting to think that maybe I’ll add this to my list of services!

But for now?  I created a BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING template package with 20 modifiable Pinterest pins that you capable of being fully branded.  Most templates are 735x1102 and are the perfect 2:3 ratio.  Some are larger/longer – just for fun!  

I think I nailed every pin in this pack!  They are all different.  Some are basic.  Some are elegant.  Some are sophisticated.  Some are plain.  But ALL can be branded and made to look like they belong.

So,  are you ready to stop pulling out your hair and wasting HOURS trying to create nice Pinterest Pins?  I already know the answer to that!

This AMAZING Done-For-You Pinterest Template pack is just for YOU!  It includes:

  • 20 Custom, Beautiful, Editable Pins
  • Demo Canva video showing how to modify and brand the pins to make them your own!
  • BONUS – Canva tutorial video showing you exactly how to get the most out of Canva and even show you how to create beautiful pins from scratch!

Priced at less than $1 per pin template – just imagine what that will save you in the long run?  How long would it take you to create 20 pins?  3 hours?  Is 3 hours of your time worth more or less than the price of this template?  Hmmm…  I think I know the answer to that!  AND it is not only 20 images, but you can also get endless images from EACH template.

Truly – no more words are needed for this!

Want to see some examples of how you can modify these templates!  Click HERE and scroll to the bottom!

What if you could pick the modules in a Pinterest course?

What if you could pick the modules in a Pinterest course?

What if you could pick the modules in a Pinterest course?

Have you ever wanted to learn a topic and went off to investigate courses only to find out that they are more than what you need?  Well, what if you could pick and CHOOSE which modules from a course that you wanted to purchase?  You CAN NOW!

I am now offering any single module from my Pinterest for Business course for $30.  They are all different in terms of length, but they include anywhere from 4-8 videos and handouts each!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this long ago!

Pinterest has played a key role in growing my online businesses, email lists and Facebook groups (and soon to populate the communities RIGHT ON PINTEREST)!

Are you BRAND NEW to Pinterest and have no idea where to start?  I’d suggest my Pinterest for Business course.

OR…. maybe you are BRAND NEW to Pinterest and are not ready to learn all the advanced topics yet, but still want to know about group boards, Tailwind and affiliate marketing, for example?  Well – PERFECT!

OR…  if you’ve been on Pinterest for any length of time, know your way around, understand important concepts and want to pick and choose some of the more advanced topics?  Well, this is for you then too!

What can I choose from?

Let’s go through the modules in detail!  If you already know what you want by looking at the image above – then feel free to skip on down and pick the one (or more) that you want!

Module 1: 5 videos, 4 handouts

Module 1 goes into detail about Pinterest Fundamentals, Niche, Keywords, Board Creation and Optimization, and Pin Creation and Optimization.

These topics are the basis for what will begin to grow your Pinterest visibility.  Without these, you will not go anywhere.

After implementing what is in this module, my Pinterest account surged from nothing to over 600K monthly visitors.  At this time I wasn’t paying attention to my blog hits as I was focused on the Pinterest account.


Module 2: 5 videos, 1 handout

Module 2 dives into branding your Pinterest, website, and self.  We also talk about the anatomy of a viral pin (yes there IS such a thing) to maximize your pin’s chances of going viral and thereby gaining you a TON of visibility.  We then dive into how to use multiple images for each blog post to get the most mileage out of EVERY post.  Lastly, we strategize on how to repurpose content and plan out your content for a month at a time in just minutes!  Gold right here!

After mastering these topics is when my account really started to take off!


Module 3: 4 videos

Module 3 is what EXPLODED my Pinterest account into the millions and my blog hits reached around 50K per month.

We talk about group boards, Tailwind, Tribes, and strategies to keep you on Pinterest’s good side.  Meaning, you can easily get yourself suspended accidentally for abusing group boards and pinning in certain ways can red flag your account.  We go over the RIGHT strategies to avoid any red flags.


Module 4: 4 videos, 2 handouts

Module 4 goes into detail about how to build your list, freebies & opt-ins, what funnels are and how to create them, and a HUGE passive income potential: affiliate marketing.  Pinterest does a fantastic job at driving traffic to your website, blog or social media.  But if you are not capturing those people then you are no better off.  This module focuses on the back end to make sure you maximize your efforts.


Module 5: 5 videos, 1 handout

Module 5 dives into Pinterest Ads and custom audiences if you choose to use them.  I did not need ads to grow my audience, but they are nice if you choose to use them.  We also talk more about winning pinning strategies and the most important topic of all: Mindset and Belief Systems.


Module 6/BONUSES Module

Module 6 is the BONUS module for the course.  It covers the following topics: SEO, Browser Extensions, Advanced Marketing Institute, Pinning without a Website, Canva and Rich Pins


Give me my module!

Ok, ok!  Do you know which one you want?

Want the ENTIRE course and save $53????

What are Pinterest Communities?

What are Pinterest Communities?

What are Pinterest Communities?

Maybe you’ve started to hear the buzz about Communities.  Not much is being shared so most people are left with asking “What are Pinterest Communities”?  Well, I’m going to spend some time and talk about what we DO know.

While Pinterest is not your typical social media platform (THANK YOU PINTEREST), this new feature is going to rocket them even further than where they are now!

Pinterest is a search engine, as you most likely know.  You pin pins with links to your website or social media where you sell, nurture, and communicate. 

Until now, you could only interact with others via messaging and commenting on pins.  There was really no way to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals.  A group, if you will.  Until now.  Sure, there were group boards, but that was still not interaction based.

I like to think of Pinterest Communities like the Pinterest version of a Facebook Group (from a basic standpoint).  It is a place where people join, can post pictures and pins, and communicate with each other.  A real community!

Pinterest is now a social media platform THAT IS ALSO A SEARCH ENGINE!  Wrap your brain around that for a moment and feel the power available for your business.


How to enable the communities feature

As of October 2018, you still need to be invited first and then join and the feature is enabled.  Don’t you worry – I have a few options for you to join different communities a bit later in this article.

So, simply join a community and you get the feature!  You can then create your own as well.

Bear in mind that the community names have to be unique, so grab yours today!

Communities and your Business

I wish I could tell you a bunch of details about this feature, but Pinterest is rather close-lipped when it comes to certain things and they aren’t really providing much yet.

From a simplistic view – it is a place for a group of people to come together over a certain topic/niche, post things directly, communicate, etc…

What does this mean for your business?  Previously, if you wanted to capture a lifeline to your potential customer, you had a few options: get their email address, get them to join your Facebook group, etc…

This gives you the ability to create a permanent connection to your potential and existing customers ON THE PINTEREST PLATFORM.  You don’t need to go off the platform if you don’t want anymore.

You can market and nurture your peeps right on Pinterest outside of simply posting pins.

As far as additional features that will help business owners, it is a big unknown.  But the fact that we can stay on the platform is a huge deal!

Lastly, you know when you have a pin that you know is going to be AMAZING?  Well, instead of pinning it and hoping you did all the things right to get it out there, you now have the ability to post that pin right in the community!  A direct pin to your potential and existing customers!  Just think about that for a moment!


Communities to join

Note: it works best on mobile as joining sometimes doesn’t work on a desktop.

Pinterest for Online Business

Keto Diet for Beginners

Keto Athletes


What’s next?

Join a community, engage, create your own, invite your peeps, and start playing around!

If you are new to Pinterest and want to go from zero to here in a short time – check out my Pinterest for Business course today!



Learn How to Make Money Blogging

Learn How to Make Money Blogging

You don’t have to be a blogger to learn how to make money blogging.  Let’s just clear that up right from the start!

Do I consider myself to be a blogger?  Not really, but I guess that I am.  I’ve dabbled here and there in blogging and making money with blogging, but never gave it a full effort. I assumed that I needed to focus on my products and services and providing value with my blog posts/articles and all that jazz.  I’m not sure why I thought that was a separate thing, because it is not.

Focusing on all of that was correct.  I realized that what I was doing WAS considered blogging, but I was missing a few key components in order to fully optimize my efforts.  I wasn’t maximizing my ability to provide value and hence monetize.  I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a blogging course.  After much comparison and investigation, I chose Create and Go’s Six-Figure Blogging Course.  I am not willy-nilly about spending money on courses.  I do my due diligence.

I sure picked the right one.  OOO….MMMM…GGGG….  WOW!  I literally had *most* of the components already in place but was missing the glue that brought it all together.  It made so much sense.  And I could now see the difference between my “blog” and the other ones that were on fire making money.

You see, your business doesn’t have to BE the blog.  But a blog (with Pinterest, of course) can skyrocket your business visibility and ability to make money.  I’ve always said that you don’t *need* a website or a blog in order to rock Pinterest, but you *should* have one in order to maximize your earning and reach potential.

Ways to make money with a blog

Affiliate Marketing

This is a favored way to make money with blogging.  I used affiliate marketing long before I knew that is what it was called!  Affiliate marketing is basically promoting a product and then getting a commission when it is purchased.  It is at no additional cost to the customer which makes it great.

There ARE people who abuse this and simply promote products solely for the commission.   Boo.  Let’s just forget them for the moment.

I look into being an affiliate for products and services that I LOVE.  So much so that I want to share them with everyone.  And if they happen to offer affiliate opportunities, then I will apply.

Here are the products/services that I am an affiliate for and how I promote it:

1) Perfect Keto – I follow the Keto Diet due to health reasons.  Perfect Keto has amazing products that I use daily.   I can use affiliate links if I want, or I just give people my coupon code for 20% off (RUNNINGKETO).

2) Amazon – For Amazon, I use affiliate links.  If there are products that I buy that I happen to be talking about, then I will hyperlink my affiliate link so others can purchase it if they want.  The nice thing about Amazon affiliates is that even if they don’t buy your product, if they buy anything you will get a percentage.  I forget how long the cookie is valid for, though. Amazon pays a tiny percentage of the sale compared to others, but it can still work for you as passive income.

3) Milo Tree – I LOVE Milo Tree!  It is a pop up that directs people to your social media and is very efficient at connecting you with people who are already interested in you (well, duh, they are on your site)!  For the monthly fee I pay and when accounting all the follows it gets me, it averages out to be less than 5 cents per lead.  Crazy efficient.

4) Six-Figure Blogging Course – This course was so instrumental at teaching me all the pieces that I was missing in order to truly monetize the blog side but also how to fill the gaps on the other end (eBooks, eCourses, Opt-ins, etc..).  LOVED IT!  It is the only course I’m an affiliate for!

So, you can see that I don’t go crazy with affiliate marketing and I’m rather exclusive with who I partner with.  I don’t want to promote something that I do not love so it is only a small handful!

Products & Services

Here is where your blog/website acts as a front end to your products and services.  For example, many of my blogs on this site are meant to educate and nurture my audience of entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to learn how to monetize with Pinterest.  I teach the Pinterest side and I bring in other topics to make a well-rounded offering for the blog.

Learn How to Make Money Blogging

Let’s Dive into the Six-Figure Blogger Course

I have spent the last 2 weeks since taking this course restructuring (it is not live yet, but will be soon) my entire infrastructure for both my businesses.  Not only did I learn about blogging, but I also learned way more about digital product creation, opt-ins, etc…  I decided not to go BACK and redo all my old blogs for both my businesses, but I now have the winning formula going forward for each new blog post.

I highly recommend this Six-Figure Blogging Course.  There are many out there and after comparing price, reputation, modules/lessons – this one is the one on top and is quite a bit less expensive than others out there.  Go figure.

Here is a sneak peek into the course:

Module 1 Resources

Module 2 Introduction

Module 3 Strategies, Objectives, and Expectations

Module 4 Current News and Updates

Module 5 The Six-Figure Blog Framework

Module 6 Affiliate Marketing

Module 7 Creating Digital Products and Services

Module 8 Creating an eBook from scratch

Module 9 Creating an eCourse from scratch

Module 10 How to SELL: High-Converting Sales Pages

Module 11 Getting Visitors to Your Sales Page

Module 12 Email Marketing Mastery

Module 13 Post-Purchase

Module 14 Implementing Six-Figure Strategies Into Your Business

Module 15-18 BONUSES and extras

Why should I take this course?

If you are interested in blogging as the front end of your business, then this course is a MUST.  What sets it apart is that it doesn’t only focus on blogging and your typical affiliate marketing.  That is mostly common knowledge at this point.  Although I did learn a few more affiliate marketing tips that I didn’t already know.  But this is only a small piece of their course.

It is like with my Pinterest for Business Course, I don’t just focus on the Pinterest piece.  If I did only focus on the Pinterest piece, then I’d end up helping you get all these new people to your website or social media and then what?  Without the proper infrastructure (opt-ins, capturing emails, etc..) they would just bounce and you’d STILL have nothing to show for it.

So just like MY course, the Six -Figure Blogging course goes way beyond blogging and affiliate marketing and dives deep into creating eBooks, eCourses, email marketing, etc…  You might be thinking, “I run a clothing business, why do I need to know about creating an eBook?”  Well – what if you were to write a style guide?  Could you use that as an opt-in to 1) get email addresses and 2) get people pumped about your product?  You sure could!  That is the point here.  It isn’t just about your product or services, but about how to MARKET your business using tools that are proven.

A business isn’t just about sales.  A clothing business isn’t just about selling leggings.  Do you think if you provided articles, blogs, eBooks, guides, videos, and other freebies (or entry-level priced items) that your customer will feel like you provide VALUE above and beyond the clothing business lower down on their social media scroll?  YOU BET!  A business is a business.  A business is not just sales.

Blogging will be something I am really going to start dive deep into with my business to maximize the value and content I provide but also to maximize my business potential!

Grow Followers Organically with MiloTree

Grow Followers Organically with MiloTree

Are you ready to learn about a plugin that creates a beautiful and unique pop-up that is SURE to build your following on platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and email?  I’m going to talk about how to grow followers organically with MiloTree.

Grow Followers Organically with MiloTree

What is MiloTree?

MiloTree is a plugin/pop-up that converts website visitors into followers.

You have numerous configuration options to choose from:

  1. What platform you want the pop-up to represent (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email).
  2. Remove MiloTree logo if you want
  3. Pop-up position (right middle, left middle, right bottom, left bottom)
  4. Configure to show pop-up every X days
  5. Exclude certain URLs
  6. Only include on certain URLs

I have mine slide in from the middle right every 1 day.

I use Leadpages for my regular page pop-up and it does not work all the time on mobile.    MiloTree, on the other hand, works beautifully on mobile.  I have never seen one that works CONSISTENTLY on mobile.

You can sign up and try MiloTree FREE for 30 days before making a commitment.  After that, it is $9.00 a month.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Let’s talk about ROI.  You’ll JUMP at the chance after that.


MiloTree comes with a simple analytics page where you can see the conversions.  It will give you an idea of how many new followers you have due to a click on the MiloTree pop-up.

I have been using MiloTree for a few months (if that).  This says I have received a total of 807 followers from MiloTree and 49 of them came this week.  It also says that 15% of my followers this past week are from MiloTree.  Lastly, if I’m paying $9/month then that means each follower cost me only .045 cents.  SAY WHAT?  If you know anything about Facebook Ads or even Pinterest Ads, you know that this is an unheard amount per conversion.  It is often more than $1.00 per click/follow/conversion.

Now what?

Sign up for MiloTree today.  Seriously.  See how it can change your followers!