How many Pinterest Pins per day?

How many Pinterest Pins per day?

How many Pinterest Pins per day?

When someone joins Pinterest for the first time or really starts wanting to utilize it for business, a common first question is “How many Pinterest Pins per day should I post”?  Great question!  The answer is not a straight-forward, black and white answer though, so let’s dive a little deeper!

You need to take the following into consideration when determining the right about of pins for your account:

1. Amount of existing content

2. How often you will be creating new content

3. Your pinning history

4. Pinterest Best Practices and Guidelines

These are the most important things to consider, so let’s talk about them one by one.

But first, let’s make an assumption.  The assumption is that we want an 80/20 split. This means that 80% of your pins will be other people’s content and 20% will be yours.  We can tweak this a bit after we walk through the considerations, but this is a common starting point.  I started with 80/20 and am now more like 50/50 with my food blogging and 70/30 with my Pinterest for Business account.

Existing Content

Are you a new blogger without much content or are you established with an entire site worth of pinnable stuff?  This is one of the main ingredients in the formula.  Well, there isn’t a formula, but you know what I mean.

Let’s say you are a new blogger with only 3 blog posts and you plan to do 1 post a week.  You might have difficulty starting at 30 posts a day as that would put you at 8 posts a day of your own content.

Pro Tip: Make 5+ pins PER PIECE OF CONTENT!  Different images and different titles.  And BOOM – you now have 5 different pins that will all lead back to your masterpiece.  This will help in the beginning especially.

New Content

How much new content do you plan to create?  One post/blog per week?  One per day?  Twice per month?  Just as with existing content, this will help define some of the limits of the number of pins that you might be able to consistently pin.

What you DON’T want to do is hit the ground running, gain momentum, show up daily, pin 20 pins a day and then suddenly run out of content and then you stop.

Pinning History

Are you new to Pinterest?  Did you have a personal account that you changed to a business account?  If you had an existing account, what was your pinning like?  Daily?  Weekly?

You want to avoid red flags.  Pinterest can be fickle at times.  What you don’t want to do is go from pinning 1 time per week to 200 per day.  Although, I’d never recommended 200 a day.  I’m just making a point!

Ease into it.  A perfect Pinterest account isn’t created in a day.

Pinterest Best Practices

I can’t say that Pinterest is a huge help here, but the following quote can be found in their Best Practices Article:

“Consistent, daily activity is better than adding a ton of Pins at once. Be patient, and stick with it. Adding content consistently over consecutive months is the best way to build a dedicated audience on Pinterest.”

So while they don’t give you an amount per day, we can extrapolate that they do not want you jumping onto the platform, pinning 200 pins and then walking away for a week.  Rather, they would prefer you to split that number up and pin daily.  That is pretty clear.


Here is what I have found works best:

Are you just starting out or have minimal content to choose from?  Pin 5 pins per day.  4 pins from other people and 1 pin from you.  Make multiple pin images per piece of content.

Do you have lots of content or will you be a mass producer? Pin 20-30 per day and slide the scale between 80/20 and 50/50.

I actually never recommend going over 30.  Why would you need to?  It feels forced to me and more likely to get your account flagged.

Always remember that you should NEVER shy away from pinning other people’s content.  You want an account that will fully nurture your peeps and most of us can’t (AND SHOULDN’T) do it all!

Be abundant – and that starts with your mind.

Pinterest Pins Per Day


Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics can be both frustrating and very helpful!  Frustrating because Pinterest updates them when they feel like it.  Sometimes daily, sometimes once a week.  Regardless, they DO get updated!  So, let’s dive head first into understanding Pinterest analytics.

Pinterest Analytics


Here is the basic analytics screen.  It is sectioned into 3 parts that we’ll talk about in details.

One thing to note before going any further.  Be careful not to make any judgements on the health of your account based on this screen alone.  If I did, then it would appear as though things are on the downturn for me, right?  Wrong.  Read on!  Below we will dive into each section listed above starting with Your Pinterest Profile.

Your Pinterest Profile

This is information about your Pinterest profile itself.  It includes Average Daily Impressions and Average Daily Viewers.

Your Pinterest Profile

Above is a 30-day view of My Pinterest Profile.  Notice the overall upward trend even though it looked like a downward trend on the prior image.  Pinterest requires long game strategy and you should never look at shorter than a 30 day period to see a trend.

So what do these 2 things mean?

Average Daily Impressions is basically how many times your pins showed up in some fashion (search, home feed, etc…)

Average Daily Viewers are the number of viewers that came across one of your pins in some fashion.

People You Reach

This next section of analytics is all about the people you reach.

People you reach

This is a great one to look at!

Average Monthly Viewers – this one is the average number of people who came across your pins in some fashion over a month’s time.

Average Monthly Engaged – this is the average number of people who not only came across your pins, but also engaged in some fashion.  This can mean they clicked your pin, saved your pin, commented, etc…

Pay close attention to both of these.

Activity from <your domain>

This is a very interesting one as well!

Activity from domain

This one is similar to the first one, but it is more important in my opinion!  In the first category, the impressions were of your overall Pinterest profile which includes your pins as well as other people’s pins that you have pinned.  THESE statistics are impressions that are from pins from your domain (ie your claimed website).

You will only get these if you claim your website.  That can be done through the settings option.

Which ones to pay attention to and ignore

Personally, I pay attention to them all.  But mostly, I pay attention to my Average Monthly Viewers and then I compare the overall impressions with the impressions from my domain.

With Pinterest, it isn’t about a popularity contest.  Your Average Monthly Viewers could be AMAZING, but if people aren’t clicking through to your website or blog then none of it matters other than being a cool vanity metric.  BUT, I imagine you have a goal for being on Pinterest and it probably revolves around sales in some fashion, either of products or services.

At the same time, take the metrics with a grain of salt.  Pinterest can have wild and radical swings in analytics.  Viral pins coming and going really mess things up when you are only looking at the home screen that only shows a few days.  If you are really interested in gaining insight, always click through and look at the prior 30 days.   It is best to ignore the the screen with the last few days when trying to gain real insight.



Understanding Pinterest Analytics


How to Rank in Pinterest

How to Rank in Pinterest

How to Rank in Pinterest

I got a question in my Private Pinterest For Business Facebook group today (request to join HERE) about this and I figured it was a GREAT topic to discuss furthers with a quick mini blog post!  So, let’s talk about how to rank in Pinterest.

I’m sure you’ve heard about ranking in Google with SEO – but did you know there is something similar with regard to ranking in Pinterest?  It is different but similar.

Why do we want to “rank” in Pinterest?

Well, because we want our content shown, right?  RIGHT!  Just think of when you do a Google search.  The highest ranking pages (along with ads of course) show up on the first page of the search which is the most important.  Those are the ones that are clicked on the most.  Pinterest is the same.   The highest ranking pins will be shown first when it comes to feeds and searches.

Pinterest is a driver of traffic and so, of course, we want to maximize the potential of traffic and our potential reach.   Maximize without paying for boosts and ads, that is.

Best tips to rank

There are 2 main categories that we consider when wanting to rank.

1. Visual

Pin Size  – Pinterest recommends a 2:3 ratio for your pin.  A great default size is 735 x 1102.  Do you NEED to have your pins conform to this ratio?  Nope!  I have about 80% of mine conform, but I do get crazy and create some long pins on occasion!

Images and Text – This one is simple!  Visually appealing and branded pins will serve you well.  We are visual creature and are drawn to visually appealing pins.  If you aren’t sure what creates a visually appealing pin, just do some searches on Pinterest.  Generally, the first pages will be pretty nice looking pins.  Not always – but usually!

2. Functional

Keywords – Keywords are the goldmine of Pinterest.  Check out this short video all about Keywords.

Keywords are what will connect you with your customers and them with you.  Keywords are the first step toward relevance.

Relevance – Relevance is what it comes down to.  Are you (i.e. your pins) relevant?  That is what Pinterest will ask itself.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.  Are you consistent?  Are your keywords relevant to your niche?  Are they consistent?  Do people engage with you?  Are they repinning?  Are they commenting?  Are they clicking?  These are all things that will boost your relevance!  Keywords are what will give this speed!  The more relevant you become to your niche, the higher you will rank with respect to a set of keywords.

That’s it!  It is not hard.  The entire ranking thing on Pinterest comes down to your pins being visually appealing with relevance.  Just remember that.   

Serve, don’t sell.

Create and share.

Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack

I am SO excited today!  Do you want to know why?  I have created my Top Pin Template Pack Pinterest package!  I listened to YOU!  I listened to the fact that you hate creating pins.  It takes forever.  You aren’t creative.  It doesn’t give you joy.  Etc…

I get it and I listened.

I, on the other hand, love to create pins.  I didn’t love it when I started.  I, too, used templates and simply changed colors, pictures and words.  It worked well and I hit the ground running with beautiful pins.  After about 6+ months of doing this, I started to test the waters with creating my own pins.  Some worked well and some didn’t.  Some were beautiful and some were hideous.  But then something just clicked and I fell in love with the creation of beautiful pins.

I’ve had people as to hire me to create their pins.  I always said no.  I’m starting to think that maybe I’ll add this to my list of services!

But for now?  I created a BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING template package with 20 modifiable Pinterest pins that you capable of being fully branded.  Most templates are 735x1102 and are the perfect 2:3 ratio.  Some are larger/longer – just for fun!  

I think I nailed every pin in this pack!  They are all different.  Some are basic.  Some are elegant.  Some are sophisticated.  Some are plain.  But ALL can be branded and made to look like they belong.

So,  are you ready to stop pulling out your hair and wasting HOURS trying to create nice Pinterest Pins?  I already know the answer to that!

This AMAZING Done-For-You Pinterest Template pack is just for YOU!  It includes:

  • 20 Custom, Beautiful, Editable Pins
  • Demo Canva video showing how to modify and brand the pins to make them your own!
  • BONUS – Canva tutorial video showing you exactly how to get the most out of Canva and even show you how to create beautiful pins from scratch!

Priced at less than $1 per pin template – just imagine what that will save you in the long run?  How long would it take you to create 20 pins?  3 hours?  Is 3 hours of your time worth more or less than the price of this template?  Hmmm…  I think I know the answer to that!  AND it is not only 20 images, but you can also get endless images from EACH template.

Truly – no more words are needed for this!

Want to see some examples of how you can modify these templates!  Click HERE and scroll to the bottom!

Latest Pinterest Updates and the Impact on Strategy

Latest Pinterest Updates and the Impact on Strategy

Latest Pinterest Updates – Sept 2018

Every once in a while Pinterest does a big update.  And, ironically, when they do – there is usually a huge group of people who get caught in the crossfires.  I was one of them the last time they did an update.  This means accounts get marks as spam, things get blocked or worse yet – account gets suspended!  Sometimes this is how we figure out Pinterest is doing an update.  Usually, it gets resolved in a day or so, but not always.  I digress…..

Even for those of us whose main jam is Pinterest – it is not easy to get information ahead of time in terms of what Pinterest is doing.  It is like this secret society and they don’t want people knowing what they are doing.  Frustrating at best when I try to stay on top of things to quickly convey the latest happenings to my peeps.  I digress further….

For the rest of this article, the term “we” refers to your average Pinterest expert/specialist/manager or the avid Pinner.

It used to be the case that every new pin had its own stats.  It was difficult to track a pin in terms of how well it was doing.  So we  would have a board that is the “originator” board for our personal, home-grown content pins.  This would be where we repin from in order to keep the chain.

Luckily, things changed and Pinterest got smart.  And now, each new pin with the same image and the same URL is tracked together and each will show the same stats.  I like it!  And honestly – it’s about darn time.  This was one thing that led people to want to repin their own pin so that they could keep their stats straight.

From Pinterest’s perspective, though, they viewed this as skewing the system since you were essentially bumping your own repin count vs someone else doing it.  Think it of like “liking” your own Facebook post.  People do that sometimes to try to jump start it or signal to Facebook that, “hey dummies – this post is good so show it around”!

Pinterest started cracking down on repins of your own pins and so we started spacing them out and blah, blah, blah.  It is a constant topic of conversation in all my Pinterest Manager Facebook Groups.

Where are we now?

Pinterest just went through an update where one of the things they changed was the ability to repin the same pin in a 24 hour period.  This started in the summer when the “save” button no longer showed up on a pin in the board view.  You had to actually click on the pin to get to the save button in some cases.

And NOW, when you click on a pin, you’ll get the save button but when you save it to a board, the save button goes away for around 24 hours.  I don’t think they could get anymore LOUD in their message.

What do they want?  They want you pinning NEW pins instead of repinning existing pins.  Ok, fine…..  Now, “new” doesn’t mean a fresh piece of content, but rather it means a new pin instance.

Enter (again) Tailwind

Tailwind…  We have a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE them for the tribes feature.  They’ve sent millions of views my way.  I hate them for the scheduling feature.  WHAT?  Most Tailwind users are screaming right now at the fact that I said that.  Let me explain….

June of 2018, I did a test.  I used Tailwind for everything – all my pin scheduling.  No manual pinning.  What happened?  My monthly viewers tanked by 700,000.  Right around that time my google analytics disconnected for 2 weeks for some reason and I wasn’t able to gather accurate stats if my blog visitors tanked too.  Because, really, that is all we should care about.  The Pinterest side is just a vanity metric.   

This was an experiment that I did and I got my answer.  Other people swear by Tailwind’s scheduler and how it boosted their account.  Not mine.  I think it is a valuable tool, but not the only tool that should be used.

So, here I am again….  About to do another Tailwind experiment.  I am essentially doing the SAME experiment to see if things are different now.  I am at 2.3M monthly Pinterest visitors and 50K Page Views on my blog as of late September 2018.  We’ll check in again late October.

My plan is to NOT repin any of my content, but rather use Tailwind to schedule them and this acts as a new, fresh pin.  I am also going to see how much time Tailwind saves me (if any).  Twice a week, I’ll schedule all my pins for the next 3-4 days.  I will also show up daily to manually pin relevant content I find on Pinterest.  Not showing up and not pinning anything manually is a big mistake in my opinion.

If you are not a Tailwind user, click HERE to get a month free.  Tailwind rocks, I just need to figure out the sweet spot with all the changes.  But don’t worry – I’ll do the testing and you can simply reap the benefits!

If Pinterest and all it’s changes stress you out and you KNOW there is huge potential but you just don’t know where to begin – check out my Pin It Master Pro course!  You will be a Pinterest Pro, monetizing your biz in no time!

Pinterest Group Boards are NOT dead!

Pinterest Group Boards are NOT dead!

Pinterest Group Boards are not dead

If I hear one more person say that Pinterest group boards are dead, I think I might scream.  In fact, I’ll scream now, but let me scream that Pinterest Group Boards are NOT dead!

If you don’t know what group boards are, let me explain.  In Pinterest, you have boards that you created, you are the owner of, and you are the one to pin to them.  You can choose to keep them that way or you can allow other people to also contribute to your board.  If you choose to do this, you now are the owner of a GROUP board.  You can also choose to contribute to other pinner’s group boards.

Group boards have been a large part of many people’s pinning strategy for growing their account visibility.  Suddenly, in the last few weeks, I’ve seen SO many blogs about how Pinterest group boards are dead and the end is near and doom, doom, doom.

I’m going to lay it out there.  Pinterest has said that it is going to focus less on group boards.  At face value, people panic.  But let me reassure you that there is no need to panic, especially if you follow what I teach in my Pin it Master Pro Course.

You have nothing to worry about UNLESS:

1. Your ENTIRE Pinterest Strategy revolves around Group Boards

2. You are a part of spammy group boards

3. You ONLY use group boards

Let’s dive a little deeper

You see, Pinterest didn’t design the concept of group boards to be what many of them are now.  There are boards with THOUSANDS of contributors and they are all over the place.  The board is incoherent, there is no moderation from the owner, and topics all over the map.  The concept of groups boards was meant to be for like-minded folks who pin high quality, similar content.

Things changed for groups boards a little when the Smart Feed happened.  Back in the day (just as with old school versions of traditional social media) Pinterest didn’t have a Smart Feed and you would see things quite differently.  There was much more potential to see the pins in a group board that someone you followed participated in.

But the Smart Feed gave Pinterest a much needed upgrade.  You might be saying, WHAT?  But it hurt group boards.

I’m going to argue with that just slightly.

The spammy group boards that are simply a dumping ground for careless pinners were hurt.  And those that pin to those were hurt.  I totally get it.  The board sucked, nobody was repinning, and it was such a mismatch of crap that it was interesting to nobody.  Kudos to Pinterest to pushing that board, the pins, and (gasp) even the pinners to the side.

Now, let’s look at a group board like mine.  I have 26 contributors, the board has around 1000 pins, and I check in on it DAILY and remove crappy pins and the people that post them.  I remove the ones that don’t follow my rules, are sales pins, or are just a square photo with nothing else on it.  My board does well.  The pins do well.  And the people who participate BENEFIT.

If you have no brand strategy, no boards of your own, and you only pin to group boards – that is not a good strategy.  That is like asking a group of people to your house for dinner, but when they ask for your address you can’t give them one because you couch surf between your 10 best friends.  You don’t have a home base.  If nobody has told you this already, let me do it : CREATE THAT BEAUTIFUL HOME and instead of couch surfing, just do visits!  Ok, did I take that analogy too far?  Sorry!

It has been several months since the “Group Boards are Dead and You Better RUN” craziness has been going on.  My account is holding strong and I’ve seen ZERO impact and NO changes.    In the last 4 weeks though is when I have seen the MOST discussions about how group boards will hurt you and tank your account, blah, blah, blah.  Here is my account from 8/1-9/6.  I see so hit, no decline, no apocalypse.


Several reasons:
1. I have a strong group boards pinning strategy that makes up only part of my overall strategy

2. I only contribute to HIGH quality, focused boards

3. I leave boards that I find are crappy

If you follow the above as well, then don’t worry my friend.  If things change more in the future, I’ll be the first to let you know.

Now… the one thing I DID notice was that pingroupie has not updated for about a month, which I’ve heard is common.  A few months ago they were updating all the time.   I have a request in their customer service to find out what they normally do in terms of updating/crawling group boards.  If you are not aware, pingroupie is a great site for finding Pinterest group boards since Pinterest does not offer a tool for that.  I’ll keep you updated.

So, go forth and pin to the high quality group boards and don’t go crazy with how many pins you pin to them.  Boom!

If you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest to grow and monetize your business, check out Pin It Master Pro!