Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack

I am SO excited today!  Do you want to know why?  I have created my Top Pin Template Pack Pinterest package!  I listened to YOU!  I listened to the fact that you hate creating pins.  It takes forever.  You aren’t creative.  It doesn’t give you joy.  Etc…

I get it and I listened.

I, on the other hand, love to create pins.  I didn’t love it when I started.  I, too, used templates and simply changed colors, pictures and words.  It worked well and I hit the ground running with beautiful pins.  After about 6+ months of doing this, I started to test the waters with creating my own pins.  Some worked well and some didn’t.  Some were beautiful and some were hideous.  But then something just clicked and I fell in love with the creation of beautiful pins.

I’ve had people as to hire me to create their pins.  I always said no.  I’m starting to think that maybe I’ll add this to my list of services!

But for now?  I created a BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING template package with 20 modifiable Pinterest pins that you capable of being fully branded.  Most templates are 735x1102 and are the perfect 2:3 ratio.  Some are larger/longer – just for fun!  

I think I nailed every pin in this pack!  They are all different.  Some are basic.  Some are elegant.  Some are sophisticated.  Some are plain.  But ALL can be branded and made to look like they belong.

So,  are you ready to stop pulling out your hair and wasting HOURS trying to create nice Pinterest Pins?  I already know the answer to that!

This AMAZING Done-For-You Pinterest Template pack is just for YOU!  It includes:

  • 20 Custom, Beautiful, Editable Pins
  • Demo Canva video showing how to modify and brand the pins to make them your own!
  • BONUS – Canva tutorial video showing you exactly how to get the most out of Canva and even show you how to create beautiful pins from scratch!

Priced at less than $1 per pin template – just imagine what that will save you in the long run?  How long would it take you to create 20 pins?  3 hours?  Is 3 hours of your time worth more or less than the price of this template?  Hmmm…  I think I know the answer to that!  AND it is not only 20 images, but you can also get endless images from EACH template.

Truly – no more words are needed for this!

Want to see some examples of how you can modify these templates!  Click HERE and scroll to the bottom!

Does Branding Really Matter?

Does Branding Really Matter?

Do you want to EXPLODE your Pinterest traffic? Of course you do!

Does Branding Really Matter?

Yes.  You bet.  100%!!!!!

Branding DOES matter.  We are visual creatures.

We, as humans, love to pattern match.   We find patterns in what we see, what we hear, what we do, everything!

It makes our brains happy.

Aside from the happy piece, branding has a tendency to say "I'm a professional" or at the very least "I invested time creating this".

Products can be brands.

People can be brands.

Anything can be a brand.

Brands Matter.  I feel like that should be on a banner!

For the Pinterest side, the branding takes place in the words you use as well as the visual side of your pins.

Branding yourself with words is creating a theme (ex, Easy Ketogenic Recipes) for your Pinterest account that is evident throughout pin descriptions as well as board descriptions.  Note - make sure your branded words are searchable keywords.

Visually branding your pins is usually evident with the fonts you use as well as the colors you use.

If you scroll through my website or even just this page, you will see that I use the same colors in my pin photo as well as my website.  My brand colors are white, black, and pink.  I did not choose brand colors or quite a while into my journey because nothing felt right.  I was trying to find all these elaborate color schemes and then it just hit me: I just need to use the colors I LOVE!  Boom.  Then it just took off!

If you have NO idea where to even start with branding, check out this fun little color site that will give you a ton of ideas for coordinating color.  Find it here.

The other piece is the font piece.  That one was harder.  Luckily helped out with that one.  I was able to pick 3 fonts that go nicely with each other (I think) and I use those on every pin.  My website uses a different font scheme and that is ok!

If branding is overwhelming to you, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Pick 2-3 colors that you love and go well with each other.  You can start with black and white if you want and then you only need ONE other color.  Everything goes with black and white!
  2. Start easing those colors into your pins until they are dominant.
  3. Use templates in so your pins have a similar look and feel.  They come with their own font schemes for their templates, so if you reuse templates, you'll get the same fonts.

That's it!  It is ok to start small, just start!