How many Pinterest Pins per day?

How many Pinterest Pins per day? When someone joins Pinterest for the first time or really starts wanting to utilize it for business, a common first question is "How many Pinterest Pins per day should I post"?  Great question!  The answer is not a straight-forward,...

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Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Understanding Pinterest Analytics Pinterest analytics can be both frustrating and very helpful!  Frustrating because Pinterest updates them when they feel like it.  Sometimes daily, sometimes once a week.  Regardless, they DO get updated!  So, let's dive head first...

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How to Rank in Pinterest

How to Rank in Pinterest I got a question in my Private Pinterest For Business Facebook group today (request to join HERE) about this and I figured it was a GREAT topic to discuss furthers with a quick mini blog post!  So, let's talk about how to rank in Pinterest....

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Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack I am SO excited today!  Do you want to know why?  I have created my Top Pin Template Pack Pinterest package!  I listened to YOU!  I listened to the fact that you hate creating pins.  It takes forever.  You aren't creative.  It doesn't give you...

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What are Pinterest Communities?

What are Pinterest Communities? Maybe you've started to hear the buzz about Communities.  Not much is being shared so most people are left with asking "What are Pinterest Communities"?  Well, I'm going to spend some time and talk about what we DO know. While Pinterest...

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