About Me


Who am I?

My name is Trina Krug and I am a Ketogenic Lifestyle Lover and a Pinterest Entrepreneur!  Both are things I love dearly and spend a ton of time on!

When I got serious about growing my business on Pinterest, I went from 9,000 monthly Pinterest viewers to over 600,000 in 60 days!  That is over a 6,000% increase in traffic!  Say what?

When I make a decision to do something, I go all in.  I was tired of being frustrated with social media algorithms and my content being needlessly buried.

Pinterest changed everything for me!


Why should you care?

Are you an Entrepreneur?  A Health Coach?  A business owner?  Are you tired of social media algorithms stifling your and your content?

Life doesn't have to be that way!  You can grow your Pinterest and, in turn, grow your business on YOUR terms.

After countless courses, hours of research and trial and error - I figured it out.  I can help you figure it out too!

Do you want to EXPLODE your Pinterest traffic? Of course you do!