Tailwind SmartLoop Feature

There has been much anticipation about this new Tailwind Feature – the SmartLoop!  I know that I had been anxiously awaiting my invitation and it arrived last week.

For those that used to use BoardBooster for looping, this feature was truly missed once BoardBooster shut down.  The interesting thing is that compared to SmartLoop, the BoardBooster looping was small potatoes!  But we didn’t know any better.  And now we do!

What is SmartLoop?

According to Tailwind “SmartLoop Makes it Easy to Reshare Your Best Pinterest Pins at the Best Times for Engagement“.  And I concur!  Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Basically what this allows you to do is create a “loop” consisting of the pins you choose and the boards you choose where Tailwind will continually loop (repin) those pins.  You determine the time frame, the number of pins per day, board rules, etc… for each loop.

Configuration Options

Loop Duration/Type

Seasonal – this option is for pins that have a shorter duration such as Thanksgiving meal plans. You can specify the date range for the loop to be active.

Evergreen – this option is for pins that are valid year round and you want to just keep on looping!

Key Options

Boards – You pick the boards you want as part of your loops.  You can change this later and even change it on a pin by pin basic!

Pins – Pick the pins you want in the loop.  You can add pins later.

Board Rules – This is a GREAT feature.  IF you have groups boards that have specific rules as far as how often you can post, then you want to create a rule for that board!


Can I add pins to an existing loop?

You sure can!  You can add pins and change boards of specific pins in your loop.

Can I delete or add boards for a specific pin within a loop?

YES!  This is the best part!  You can create a default group of boards for your loop and then go in after and add/delete boards for specific pins.

For example, let’s say I have a general recipe group board loop.  If I have 5 group boards that are general recipe group boards then I’ll have those as my base.  Now, I might have 1 board that is for desserts only.  So after I create my loop, I’ll go in after and add the desserts board to those recipes that are desserts!

Can I change the timeslot of the Looped pin on any given day?

Nope!  That is something Pinterest decided and you just go with it!

Can I start using it today?

If you’ve applied and received your invite already – then YES!  Simply click on SmartLoop and see what it says!  If it asks you to apply, then do so.  If it lets you in – then go create some loops!

I did a Facebook Live Video to give a little tutorial for my Pinterest for Business Facebook Group (request to join HERE  if you aren’t a member), so excuse the informal nature of the video – but check out a video demo below!