Are you leveraging the ONE platform that can drive traffic to your website like WHOA?

I’m referring to Pinterest of course!  Gone are the days of the boring Pinterest where you only go there to find recipes and DIY  projects. 

Are you an Entrepreneur?  Online Business Owner?  Network Marketer?

Are you taking advantage of Pinterest? 

Let me ask you this:

In any given month, how many people do you get your content, products or services in front of?

After 3 months on Pinterest, my answer is over 2 MILLION on Pinterest and 50 THOUSAND on my Website.

Do you want that too?  It is EASY if you know the formula and strategies.

My step by step systems in Pin It Master Pro will give you the tools nad knowledge to explode your visibility and get the right people in front of your content.

Cool, right?  You bet it is!

Take a look around, read some stuff and hang out for a while!

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How many Pinterest Pins per day?

How many Pinterest Pins per day? When someone joins Pinterest for the first time or really starts wanting to utilize it for business, a common first question is "How many Pinterest Pins per day should I post"?  Great question!  The answer is not a straight-forward,...

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Understanding Pinterest Analytics Pinterest analytics can be both frustrating and very helpful!  Frustrating because Pinterest updates them when they feel like it.  Sometimes daily, sometimes once a week.  Regardless, they DO get updated!  So, let's dive head first...

How to Rank in Pinterest

How to Rank in Pinterest I got a question in my Private Pinterest For Business Facebook group today (request to join HERE) about this and I figured it was a GREAT topic to discuss furthers with a quick mini blog post!  So, let's talk about how to rank in Pinterest....

A Review of the Tailwind SmartLoop Feature

Tailwind SmartLoop Feature There has been much anticipation about this new Tailwind Feature - the SmartLoop!  I know that I had been anxiously awaiting my invitation and it arrived last week. For those that used to use BoardBooster for looping, this feature was truly...

Top Pin Template Pack

Top Pin Template Pack I am SO excited today!  Do you want to know why?  I have created my Top Pin Template Pack Pinterest package!  I listened to YOU!  I listened to the fact that you hate creating pins.  It takes forever.  You aren't creative.  It doesn't give you...

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